Legal Areas

Our firm has diverse experience in many areas of law including: arts, entertainment, multimedia and internet; film and television development, production and distribution; creation and protection of graphic and visual arts; music publishing, recording and distribution; copyright and trademark registration and protection; as well as general business and corporate counsel matters including corporate formation,  finance, intellectual property and technology licensing, and international business negotiations.

Doherty Legal's  practice includes the areas of music, film, television, publishing and visual and graphic arts.  In the area of music, Ms. Doherty has worked with Grammy® winning artists, as well as independent labels, record producers and distributors.  She has experience drafting, reviewing and negotiating recording contracts and agreements for music publishing, licensing, and international distribution deals.  She also has extensive experience in the field of film and television production and protection of rights, including film finance, development, acquisition of rights, production, distribution, and licensing ancillary rights.  Ms. Doherty has worked with graphic and visual artists to help protect their work with copyright or trademark issues, and negotiated deals with galleries and national museums for display or transfer of their artwork.

Ms. Doherty has assisted clients in registration and enforcement of their intellectual property rights including filing for copyright and trademark registration, renewals, assignments or transfers and defense of those rights.  She has also defended clients in federal court wrongfully accused of infringement of third party copyrights or trademarks.

Ms. Doherty has served as in house counsel and general counsel to a number of corporate entities ranging in size from small start up companies to multimillion dollar conglomerates with worldwide operations.  She has also consulted for Fortune 500 companies on international negotiations and business development.

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