Providing Legal and Consulting Services

to the Arts and Entertainment Community for Over 20 Years

The law offices of  Maureen A. Doherty operating as Doherty Legal offers diversified legal services to the arts, entertainment and business community in Texas and California.  Areas of practice include  business, banking, corporate, finance, entertainment, visual arts and media, trademark and copyright law, technology licensing, international business negotiations, and real estate.  She is actively licensed to practice law in Texas and California.

Ms. Doherty has vast legal experience in private practice and as in-house counsel for multiple clients.  Ms. Doherty worked several years for two different large international law firms, and then moved into the corporate arena where she served as in house counsel and general counsel for multi-million dollar corporations.  In addition to representing large global entertainment and media companies as well as smaller independent production companies, Ms. Doherty has advised small start up businesses including sole proprietorships, closely held corporations, internet and technology companies, real estate brokers, record labels, independent film production companies, management companies, and non-profit organizations.  She has over 20 years negotiation experience working with major studios, independent production companies, international banks and financiers, distributors, networks, record labels, music publishers, tour promoters, merchandisers, and related businesses.  In addition to representing corporations and business entities, Ms. Doherty has advised individual clients in entertainment and arts including artists, performers, musicians, singers, songwriters, managers, producers, directors, screenwriters, authors, and graphic artists.

Ms. Doherty focuses her practice in the area of general business and commercial transactions, finance, entertainment and media law, technology licensing and intellectual property creation and protection, including focusing on the registration and licensing of copyrights and trademarks.  Ms. Doherty also has experience in providing  legal and consulting advice on matters regarding corporate formation, finance, shareholder relations,  partnerships, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions,  production, distribution,  licensing, sales and marketing,  promotions, advertising,  protection and enforcement of intellectual property rights, as well as general business management, contract negotiations, leasing, employment , guild, and labor law issues.   

In addition to her substantial experience in transaction law, Ms. Doherty also has experience in various areas of civil litigation and alternative dispute resolution (mediation and arbitration), and is a licensed mediator in Texas. 

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